Features and Benefits of Granicrete Materials

Features and Benefits of Granicrete Materials

Granicrete has won numerous industry awards over the years and has received NSF certification. Granicrete also meets USDA compliance criteria. It is an ideal product for countertop coatings, floor coatings, and vertical coatings.

  • Durability: When epoxy hardens, it creates an ultra-resilient solid surface that lasts for many years. It is very difficult to damage a Granicrete countertop as it doesn't crack or melt. It retains its high-gloss finish without the necessity for reapplications.
  • High-gloss shine: If you love super-glossy finishes, Granicrete is the ideal material for countertops and other items. The shine will last for a very long time. If it does finally begin to dull, you can restore it with some mineral oil and a clean cloth. High-gloss finishes are outstanding for countertops because few things will stick to them, and they reflect the light to brighten up space and help you see well.
  • Seamless surface: Granicrete countertops are truly seamless and produce perfect color and pattern continuity all along the surface.
  • Heat resistant: Granicrete countertops and other items can withstand heat up to 500 degrees with no ill effects. However, do not leave any hot items on the surface for extended periods as it may cause damage over time.
  • Safe for food items: Granicrete surfaces are considered non-toxic and safe for food preparation. It is a non-porous surface that keeps bacteria and mold from permeating and creating dangerous conditions.
  • Easy to clean: Granicrete countertops and other items can stand up to any cleaning product you use. Gritty cleansers will not scratch the Granicrete surface. Because of its high-gloss surface, you might need nothing more than water, gentle soap, and a clean cloth to keep your Granicrete countertops shiny.

Granicrete is Durable

The Granicrete system has greater flexibility and strength than concrete, which yields years of low maintenance and durability.

Granicrete product is still popular on the market, unlike the products that have a mix of plasticizers, cheap sands, and retarders. It is not pre-diluted with water yielding a Super Concentrated Polymer that will last long.

How Thick is Granicrete?

Typically, Granicrete can be 1/16th thick and troweled to finish less than 3/16". We will discuss with you the uniqueness of Granicrete, so you get a good understanding of how dynamic Granicrete will perform.

Granicrete Authentic Coloring

At Granicrete And More, we dilute our Super Concentrated Colorants with water and professionally spray them onto the Granicrete texture surface. The colorants are engineered to create natural stone and wood coloration instead of painted decorative concrete finishes.

Superb Sealer Performance

We always use UV-resistant sealers, which may have both low odor and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to meet the toughest requirements on certain projects. The quality sealers we use meet USDA compliance and NSF requirements.

Awards Won and Industry Accomplishments

Granicrete is the first countertop epoxy and sealer system to be approved by NSF. It remains as the only NSF-approved system today.

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