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Granicrete by Longstreth Construction is "Affordable Elegance!"

It's NOT Granite….it's BETTER! Granicrete is a revolutionary concrete overlay, a polymer modified cementitious mix designed to decorate new or existing substrates. Granicrete will go over most any surface – wood, concrete, drywall, ceramic, linoleum, acrylic, etc. Virtually any custom look resembling granite, marble, stone, tile, brick, slate, decorative concrete or other natural stone finishes can easily be achieved with this amazing, award-winning system – at a fraction of the cost of the "real" stone, and without the usual unsightly seams, stains or annual sealing. Our simple coloring system guarantees you will achieve that one-of-a-kind look.

Granicrete quickly replicates the look of high-end stone masonry, complete with different edges to choose from – even the popular and hard to replicate "chiseled" edge! Transforming an average kitchen to an amazing and extraordinary one can be accomplished in just a few days! Instead of replacing the countertop…..with Granicrete you simply resurface it.

Granicrete International, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona was formed in 2006 and has become the premier leader in the decorative concrete industry thanks to its independent network of distributors and certified installers. In 2007 Granicrete was recipient of The Most Innovative Products Award by the World of Concrete.

Granicrete products are a winner not only in the World of Concrete but with the consumer because we offer "more bang for the buck".. Consumers are always looking to stretch their dollars, while achieving exceptional results....This is exactly what Granicrete systems do!

Contact Granicrete By Longstreth Construction today at 850-814-9687 to learn more about our Granicrete products.

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